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Category:Bangladeshi novels Category:Novels set in Bangladesh Category:History of Bangladesh Category:Novels set in the 1960s Category:Pakistani novels Category:Pakistani novels adapted into filmsThe Pentagon budget says 70 percent of weapons systems are “outdated or obsolescent.” (DOD photo) Vice President Mike Pence today will sign into law the largest defense budget since the record $716 billion Pentagon budget passed last week. But the legislation, with its massive increases in Pentagon spending, won’t actually happen until early next year. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), passed in the House on June 14, gives the Pentagon an overall budget increase of $22 billion for fiscal year 2018. But the administration hasn’t submitted the bill to Congress yet. And with a national presidential election and a host of other issues on the congressional docket, the NDAA isn’t expected to get a vote before the November 6 election. The NDAA was already a massive bipartisan compromise, with a $718 billion spending cap, as Pence has said the administration will accept. That left $68 billion to be appropriated by Congress, and the NDAA includes “earmarks” for multiple weapons systems — everything from Navy ships to missile defense programs. Now comes the hard part for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. The Pentagon’s budget for fiscal year 2018 is $523 billion, and the new NDAA will shift a lot of money from one account to another. The money will come from one of the two weapons accounts in the $718 billion spending cap: the base-year account. The base year is the Pentagon’s fiscal year, which starts on October 1, and it is used to estimate the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. For fiscal year 2018, the Pentagon requested $549 billion for the base year — for a total of $1.1 trillion. The NDAA shifted $62 billion from the base year to the discretionary spending account, or the annual budget for nondefense programs. That brought the overall $718 billion cap down to $756 billion. Next is the war funding account, which is for the active war fighters, plus the Overseas Contingency Operations account, for the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Syria. The war funding account includes $65 billion, which is $




Saqoot E Dhaka In Urdu Pdf Download walsfar

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