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Your Adventure Begins Here!

Whatever the reason you came - whether it was curiosity, the desire to be challenged, to improve your health, or to be part of a tight-knit community - we are excited to have you!

In The News:

Fencing For All Ages in Traverse City
March 25, 2021  Brighid Driscoll

At the Club:

Junior Women's Epee


Adeline DePauw - 18th

Isabella Worthington - 23rd

Cadet Women's Epee

 Isabella Worthington - 22nd

Cadet Men's Epee

 Achiel DePauw - 30th

Evan Boss - 31st

Y14 Women's Epee


Isabella Worthington - 17th

Y12 Women's Epee


Saige Jerdee - 5th*

Ella North - 15th

Y14 Men's Epee


Achiel DePauw - 10th

Gardner Dickinson - 16th

Alex Neveau - 18th

Colton Jerdee - 23rd


Region 2 - 2023/24 Member Point Rankings


Junior Men's Epee

Evan Boss -29th

* Highest Ranked in Michigan

Welcome To Traverse City Fencing Club!

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization

youth final bout 2
youth class dec 2021_edited

Our Focus

Our programs and coaching focus on three core values that are essential for success:

Physical Fitness

We stress physical conditioning for a healthy life and
better athletic potential.

Expert Technique

We strive for excellence in technical skill and personal commitment to self and team in competition.

Emotional Resilience

We teach self awareness, the ability to adapt to adversity, and mental toughness.



From the Source

Fencing here has been great for my kids. My daughter is more of an introvert and didn't want the pressure of a team sport, but she was also looking for a supportive team environment. My son needed something physically challenging and a ton of fun! Fencing here is competitive but supportive; individualized but within a diverse group. It's a perfect blend and suits both of my children perfectly!

- Devan

I’ve been involved in a lot of sports through the years and can state that hands-down fencing offers the best combination of mental and physical engagement. Started in my 40’s because my son was into it and have made countless memories and friends through the years. Give it a try!

- Laurie

The club is a fantastic place to learn fencing with a great group and wonderful coach. If you're an experienced fencer, you will find some of the most competitive teammates in the state at the club. If you've never fenced then you will get to grow your health, confidence, and skills. I've been fencing a while and can say that this is one of the best clubs in the country.

- Neil

I started coming to the club with my daughter. It’s been 4 years and I am still loving every second. Fencing has unique components combination of skills and thought process we really utilize in other daily activities. After my heart surgery my cardiologist was very happy with my recovery and recommended that I continue with fencing because it helped me get better. Coach Robert is amazing with kids and adults. His knowledge and expertise are known in fencing circles for raising great generations of junior and cadet students champions.

- Julia

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