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Have you taken one of our fencing courses for beginners and you are not sure how to continue? The answer is membership! 

Becoming part of our club as a member is the best way to take advantage of all the club offers! Access to all of the weekly open-fencing practice sessions are included in the monthly membership.

Family memberships are available for all immediate family members and can include the entire family. Membership requires enrollment in automatic monthly payments. Payment and membership may be started or cancelled at anytime under your account profile.

The United States Fencing Association (USA Fencing), is the official body which regulates the sport of fencing, now mandates that every fencer register as a member of USA Fencing to fence at any USA Fencing member club. It is the fencer’s responsibility to apply, upgrade or renew the USA Fencing membership. Please follow the link to join USA Fencing.

Open Fencing

Open fencing sessions are a mix of structured warmups, games, and instruction from Coach Robert and casual fencing bouts with other fencers. These practice sessions focus perfecting fundamental skills, higher-level strategy, preparing for competition, and enjoying time fencing with other members.


We are a mixed-age club, and all members support, coach, and fence each other. Sparring and one-on-one training help to hone skills, challenge students, and form bonds between fencers.


Beginner and advanced fencers flourish in our supportive and positive competitive environment. Experienced fencers are considered leaders in the club and are encouraged to assist lower-level fencers.

Our unique athletic environment fosters confidence, resilience, and a sense of community and fun!

Current Schedule
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Sunday 3-5 p.m.

Pricing Options

  • Single Membership*

    Every month
    Perfect for the individual fencers who attend weekly.
    • Unlimited access to open fencing and fencing practice.
  • Family Membership*

    Every month
    Perfect for the fencing family of 2 or more people!
    • Unlimited access to open fencing and fencing practice.

* Membership requires enrollment in automatic monthly payments. Enrollment can be started, suspended, or cancelled at any time by logging into your website profile. See our return policy at checkout for more information.

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