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Is fencing safe?

The days of bloody duels are thankfully over. Todays fencing is very safe, despite the swordplay. There is approximately a 2.5% injury rate for Olympic fencers, slightly higher than synchronized swimming. Rates are higher for students and youth, with injuries most often occurring in the ankles and knees. Our club works to provide a safe environment with a wooden fencing surface, full-body conditioning, and a SafeSport certified staff.

Can I observe a class?

Yes! If you are interested in stopping by to observe an open fencing session, we just ask that you send us an email and let us know to expect you.

I have some experience in fencing. Which class should I sign up for?

If you have not fenced at our club in the last 12 months, or have never attended our club before, we recommend signing up for the beginners course. This is just to give you a refresher on fencing, get your body a chance to warm-up, and to welcome you into the club!

What is the best age to begin fencing?

Fencing is considered a safe and excellent sport for almost all ages! For general safety, we allow everyone aged 9 and up to fence. By this age, balance, hand-eye coordination, and self-control are typically developed to a point where even young fencers can begin to learn the fundamentals.

Am I too old to begin fencing?

There is no upper-age limit for beginners! Fencing is perfect for adults of all ages and there are competitive fencers on the national level in their eighties. Fencing encourages flexibility, quick decision making, strength, and visual acuity. This type of activity, and fencing specifically, have been shown to improve cognitive function as we age.

Can I earn fencing scholarships?

Yes, like most sports, fencing college scholarships are available but fewer colleges and universities have teams. However, many top universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Notre Dame have strong fencing teams and generous scholarship programs.

Can I participate in competitions?

Yes. Many of our fencers compete in local, regional, and even national competitions. These events are voluntary and any fencers curious about details and requirements should begin by discussing their options with Coach Robert. For those not interested in travelling, our club hosts several local tournaments throughout the year that members are encouraged to join. 

Can I fence "just for fun"?

Yes! A large portion of our open fencing sessions are unstructured so you will be able to play around, get a great workout, and explore the sport of fencing on your own terms. Our coach also often uses games and competitive play during these sessions to teach skills while having fun.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?

Donations and club membership dues all help fund the purchase and maintenance of club equipment that is available for all students and members to use. We do recommend purchasing equipment for regular members, but it is not required.

I'm ready to buy equipment, can you help?

Purchasing your own gear is a big investment and we're here to help you save time and money. Coach Robert and our armorer, Devan, are the people to speak with about what you should buy. In addition, we offer all members a 10% discount at ____ when orders are placed with us. 

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