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March Your Epee Up North 3/16/24 Competition Results

Our March 16th March your Epee North Competition was Fantastic!  We appreciate everyone who made the trip up to fence from GRFA, WMFA, BRFA, Ann Arbor/Plymouth. Thanks to all the supporters who packed the club helping to create a comfortable/festive atmosphere. 

Thank you Laurie, Eric and Devon for referring as well as Claire and Kathryn stepping in to run bout committee.  

The Women's event was a cagey affair in pools but Chole's(GRFA) patience and consistency fueled her to be undefeated/1st. However, Adeline( TCFC) decided to Get After It in DE's, not allowing any of her 3 opponents to get more than 7 touches and defeating Chole in the final to earn her E! A huge shout out to Abagail and Kaia fencing in their first sanctioned event with great attitudes.  

The Mixed Event (B1) pool results saw two Us who fenced with decisiveness and demonstrated poise placed in the top 4 Liam ( WMFA) and Alex( TCFC). When it came to DEs is where the mayhem started. Lots of determination by fencers like Nathan (WMFA) who won 1 pool bout but with strong mental/emotional resilience propelled himself into 3rd place. Mitch( TCFC) who upset a tough opponent Wesley( BRFA) to place himself firmly in 8th.  

George(TCFC) upset 1 seed Devan (TCFC), then fought his way back to beat the ever so Scrappy/Tenacious Gardner (TCFC). In the final against the tactical wizard Chris (Ann Arbor/Plymouth), George was down 10-5 at the break 2nd period. He came out of the break with great Fierceness putting nonstop pressure on Chris to win 15-14, re-earning his B rating!!

Also a huge shout out to Henry and Cedric for fencing in their first sanctioned event.

Our Club had so many Strong performances...

Mitch 8th earned E rating 

Alex 6th earned D rating 

Gardner 3rd earned C rating 

George 1st earned B rating 

Way to Get After It!!!

Quote of the day... Henry( TCFC) " Hey Coach, I lost all my pool bouts but I fenced well" a mindset for processing/learning/putting into action!!

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