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May House Cup Final Series

This week we held the Final House Cup in our Winter Series. It was a great event and we are super proud of the kids who participated. In the Y12, Louie participated in his first competition and did an excellent job, scoring points in each bout. Charlie did great and won this house cup with Ella in 2nd and Saige and Louie tied for third. In the overall cup series, when points were tallied, Ella was 1st, Saige 2nd and Charlie 3rd. 

In Cadet, there was great bouts by all. The final came down to Alex and Achiel with Alex in 1st, Achiel in second, and Adeline and Colton tied for third. The overall cup series will be decided in an upcoming fence off with the top 4 competitors. Thanks to Coach Robert and Devan for referee-ing the competition.

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