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TCFC's Winning Women: Division III National Champion and Vet50 Bronze Won at Summer Nationals!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

USA Fencing National Championships Results (July 3-12)

TCFC had a strong showing at Summer Nationals held this year in Philadelphia. With the limitations of COVID, we received a lot praise from other clubs and coaches for having so many qualified fencers, while being a very small club. Our club was grateful to be able to attend this year! In addition to those who were able to compete, we had at least 6 other people who qualified but choose not to attend.

Our fencers demonstrated their physical stamina and advanced technique but their mental victories helped set them apart. They were successful at being in the moment, self-aware but not self-conscious. They demonstrated resiliency and the belief in themselves to go for the win! Well done!!

For complete results, click here.


  • Our first club medal was won by Laurie Lapp, who placed third in Vet 50 Women’s Épée and earned her B rating. Laurie had a strong performance in Saber as well, placing 13th overall.

  • Annie barely missed the cut in Division I and fenced well in Junior placing her in the upper middle of the pack overall.

  • Aidan fenced Cadet and Junior épée and had his first DE against the 22nd seed in Junior. The bout was a testament to his ability to make adjustments and listen to the coach. After being down 6-1 after the first period, he came back to only lose 13-15!

  • Jordan, in her first national competition, won 2 bouts in Division II, making the 80 percent cut which is big for a first timer! She also upset the 28th seed in Division III Women’s Épée during her first DE in a very patient determined game. Her second unfortunately was stopped when she fell and hurt her knee badly. She resumed the bout and ended up 26th overall.

  • Carson was 3-3 out of pools with some very creative tactical decisions. In his first DE, he upset the 35th seed 15-12 and advanced to the R64 (gaining national points and ranking).

  • Claire took home the gold in Division III Women's Épée!! She made her way through pools and to the round of 8, where she proceeded to upset the number 2 seed, 15-11. In the semifinals, she took her time to figure out Feng, but once she did her lead was commanding and she kept on for the win. In the final bout, she showed her resiliency and determination to become the Division III National Champion!! Watch the final bout below.

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