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Youth Program

Tuesday @ 3:30 PM

Three Swords Fencing Club’s youth program is designed as a gateway to the modern sport of fencing. If you’re looking for a sport that involves speed, agility, and fitness combined with chess-like strategic thinking, then fencing is for you. At our club we focus on training and competing with the épée.  Epée fencing is akin to the historic rapier, where touches are scored with tip of the weapon by touching any part of the body.  The object is simple: touch your opponent before they touch you.  Although the concept is simple, more often than not, scoring a touch involves complex tactics, combined with lighting fast execution.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to introduce kids from our community to the Olympic sport of fencing. Last year, in our first year with the LEAP program, we had eight students continues fencing with us. Of those students two participated in Michigan Division competitions and another competed at the Regional/National level posting two second place finishes, even though she had only been fencing a few months. Fencing with the LEAP program offers young people a great opportunity to expand their self-confidence through teamwork and physical fitness.

Fencing provides equal opportunities for both males and females and people of all ages. All that is needed to participate is the desire to learn the sport and a basic set of gear. For beginners Three Swords Fencing Club will provide all the fencing equipment, unless students choose to purchase their own (discuss with instructors).

Sign-up through the LEAP

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