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2021 Fall Competition Schedule

With autumn quickly approaching, add these important dates to your calendar! We've included some 2022 events as well so that you can begin to prepare and make plans for the upcoming season. Click available links to preregister or learn more about the event. We will continue to update this list and provide registration links as they become available, so check back soon!

If you are new to fencing and are interested in competing,

please speak to the coach and then reach out to staff at the club or via email for help registering. New fencers begin with local events and strive for regional and national competition readiness, as determined by the coach. We do not want you to feel intimidated or confused by the process. We want to make the experience easy and exciting for first-timers, so please let us help you!


Local Events

Regional Events

9/17-9/19/21 ROC/RJC Chicago, IL

9/25-9/26/21 RYC/RJCC Troy, MI

10/9-10/10/21 RYC Evanston, IL

10/16-10/17/21 RYC/RJC Lakewood, OH

11/5-11/7/21 ROC/RJC/C/RYC St. Louis, MO

11/26-11/28/21 ROC/RJC/C Peoria, IL

12/4-12/5/21 Y10/Y12/Y14 Columbus, OH

1/14-1/16/22 RYC/RJC/C Chicago, IL

National Events

10/29-11/1/21 Div. I/Cadet/Y14 St. Louis, MO

12/9-12/12/21 Div. I/Junior/Cadet Columbus, OH

1/7-1/10/22 Div. I/Junior/VET San Jose, CA

2/18/-2/21/22 Junior/Cadet Salt Lake City, UT

3/4-3/7/22 Y14/Y12/Y10/VET Richmond, VA

7/2-7/11/22 Nat. Championships Minneapolis, MN



Local event registration is found on askFRED (links provided if available).

Regional and National event registration is found on USFA (links provided if available).

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