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2023/2024 Fencing Season Starts With an E!

Fantastic kick off to the 2023/2024 fencing season last night with our Unrated Competition!!

11 fencers competed for the precious E rating up for grabs!! All of them demonstrated great effort and Sportsmanship. And lots of Parents in support...thank you!!

Shout out to Abigail and Luke, both very new fencers, for showing great perseverance on every touch! And to Ulysses (just getting back into fencing) for taking 3rd place!!

In the end, Gardner prevailed to earn his E rating!.... but he had to get through the gauntlet of Addy in the R8 15-14 (6 double touches at 14-14), a determined Alex, and finally the scrappy Elijah.

Final Results:

  1. Gardner (E)

  2. Elijah (tied)

  3. Alex (tied)

  4. Ulysses

  5. Jeff

  6. Jude

  7. Isabella

  8. Addy

  9. Achiel

  10. Abigail

  11. Luke

For complete results, visit AskFRED here.

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