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Great Oct Tournaments with new ratings

We had two great tournaments at the club in October, thank you so much to all the fencers, referees, parents and others who helped make them both great events.

We kicked it off Saturday October 21st with the All The Leaves Are Gone? Epee Tournament. Twenty fencers joined us and we hosted a women's and mixed event. The Women's event was made an E rated event by Kathryn's decision to fence despite her injury and in her very first competition. Esmerelda from WMFA earned her E in a tough final bout with Chloe from GRAFA. Adeline and Christ from TCFC took third.

The Mixed Epee was truly a fun event with lots of new competitive fencers pushing their boundaries: Lucas who fought through every bout with determination, Jackson who was on fire took 5th and Alex taking 7th. George and Ed (GRAFA) took 3rd respectively. The Final Bout came down to Devan vs. Gardner in what turned out to be a yo yo bout with Gardner making some incredible touches but the consistency of Devan's game won out 15-12.

Our U and Under House Cup on October 24th was well attended and fierce. Thanks to Martha for coming up to fence. Highlights include we had three adult females in the mix which was great. Colton won his first DE 15-7 against Jeff. Lucas had his first two victories in pool bouts! And...Achiel earned his E in a great battle with the up and coming Jackson. Great job!

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