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April 4th - Youth Cup Series Continues

3rd House Cup report....another great event at the Traverse City Fencing Club!

Y12 saw newcomer Charlie stirring up the pot by upsetting Ella in Semis then pushing Saige to 14-14 but Saige took a few deep breaths to compose herself...ultimately taking a convictive/clean parry riposte to earn Gold. Thus setting up a dead heat between Ella and Saige for the Overall House Cup Champion going into the 4th Final House o May 5th!! Shout out to Cole and Mason for fencing in the comp unofficially you guys were brave to do it on the fly!

In Cadet the energy was a Let's Go! Gardner/ Evan fenced pools with Conviction putting them at the top with Alex right there.

In DE s Ella who struggled in pools brought her conviction game in DEs to upset Achiel. Henry with sturdy/ consistent game beat the feisty Saige. Memphis in his first comp since breaking his left wrist and spraining right wrist made a dramatic come back in his DE against Colton but Colton s consistency/ patience beat him out. Jackson and Cedric in R8 had a truly Dynamic Epic bout that came down to one touch that lasted forever with tons of engagement resulting in Jackson winning propelling him to ultimately to the Podium tied for 3rd.

Lastly the final was truly Epic between Gardner/Evan.... Gardner went up 6-1! Evan made adjustments Gardner didn't respond taking the lead 11-10... eventually Gardner tied it up with 1 second.. in OT Gardner used his check back footwork to draw Evan into the critical space than attack into prep to win!!

Now like Y12 the Final House Cup will decide the Overall Champion!!

Again, amazing comp, teammate bonding and parents supporting, Thank You!!

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